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The Dark Emperor

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The Dark Emperor
The Dark Emperor.png
Type Boss
Environment Surface
Damage  ??
Max Life 60000 / 120000

stage 2 - 50000 / 62500

Defense 45
KB Resist 100%
Coins 16 Gold Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Dark Emperor Treasure Bag.png Dark Emperor Treasure Bag
Delightful Clump.png Delightful Clump
Nasty Javelin.png Nasty Javelin
• 30-50
SBC Cannonball.png SBC Cannonball
• With SBC
Dripping Scythe.png Dripping Scythe
Dark Emperor Trophy.png Dark Emperor Trophy
Dark Emperor Mask.png Dark Emperor Mask
Dark Gel.png Dark Gel
• 50-100
Soul of Fight.png Soul of Fight
• 20-30
Minimap Icon
Stage 1 TheDarkEmperor Head Boss.png
Minimap Icon
Stage 2 TheDarkEmperorTwo Head Boss.png

Dark Emperor is a Tremode (post-Moon Lord) boss.

Spawn[edit | edit source]

The Dark Emperor doesn't spawn on it's own. The only way to summon it is to use Emperor Crown. It can be used anywhere.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

He acts like king slime, but he is much stronger and more intense.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

  • He acts like an enhanced Giant Mimic AI, therefore dealing heavy damage and jumping around.
  • He also occasionally sits still and will deflect all projectiles the player throws/shoots and them dealing increased damage. (does not include certain magic weapons)

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

  • He flies around and summons his Slime Minions with every flap of his Left Wing.
  • He also can spin around, summoning a barrage of Dark Slime Balls
  • He also occasionally stays stationary in the air.
  • In both Forms, he spawns his Slime Minions, but in the second form, he tries to launch them directly at the player.

Expert Mode[edit | edit source]

  • Only the stats are highly increased.

History[edit | edit source]