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Suspicious Looking Present

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The '''Suspicious Looking Present''' is a pre-hardmode item that has a 0.4% chance (1/250) chance to be dropped from any enemy during the [ Christmas] Holiday Season. The Suspicious Looking Present is used to spawn the [ Elf NPC] into the world. This will happen if the player has the present within their inventory, there is suitable housing and the Christmas Holiday Season is active. The Suspicious Looking Present can not be placed or crafted.
Unlike [ Presents], the Suspicious Looking Present ''can'' be dropped by enemysenemies spawned by statues.
'''''BUG:''''' If a player has this item in their inventory at any time in a world, even if dropped or deleted, this item will not be dropped again within that world. However, multiple presents can be dropped by enemysenemies if the player has not yet picked up the present.
Once the player has defeated [ Moon Lord], enemies will drop the [ Suspicous Bag], an item similar to [ Grab Bags].
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