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Hardmode Enemies

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Night[edit | edit source]

Mob HP Available Notes
Heavy Zombie.png Heavy Zombie #/600 Always Drops bars of metal
Hivehead Zombie.png Hivehead Zombie #/274 Always Spawns bees on death

Bloodmoon[edit | edit source]

Mob HP Available Notes
File:Gloomy Seer.png Gloomy Seer #/500 Always Fires lasers
File:Phabor.png Phabor #/840 Always Fires homing projectiles; drops Gloomstone
File:Observer.png Observer #/5000 Always Drops Black Lens

Underworld[edit | edit source]

Mob HP Available Notes
Blazer.png Blazer #/700 Always Spawns a Lava Slime on death
Devilish Tortoise.png Devilish Tortoise #/800 Always
Dragon Skull.png Dragon Skull #/1800 Always Drops Dragon Breath