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Type Furniture
Placeable Tango Tick1.png
Dimensions 3 wide ˣ 3 high
Rarity Rarity Level: 0
Sell 1 Gold Coin
All placed trophies
All placed trophies

Trophies are rare drops (10%) from Bosses, and are essentially the boss version of banners.

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Rukh Trophy.png The Rukh Tiki Totem Trophy.png Tiki Totem Evil Corn Trophy.png Evil Corn
Storm Jellyfish Trophy.png Storm Jellyfish Fungus Beetle Trophy.png Fungus Beetle Heater of Worlds Trophy.png Heater of Worlds

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Alchemaster Trophy.png Alchemaster Motherboard Trophy.png Motherboard Pixie Queen Trophy.png Pixie Queen
Frost King Trophy.png Frost King Wall of Shadows Trophy.png Wall of Shadows Cog Lord Trophy.png Cog Lord
Cyber King Trophy.png Cyber King

Tremode[edit | edit source]

Dark Emperor Trophy.png The Dark Emperor Brutallisk Trophy.png Brutallisk Space Whale Trophy.png Space Whale
Trinity Trophy.png The Trinity Andas Trophy.png Andas

Notes[edit | edit source]

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