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Pre-Hardmode Enemies[edit | edit source]

Abomination.png Abomination Armored Jellyfish.png Armored Jellyfish Atis.png Atis
Gurd.png Gurd Orc Skeleton.png Orc Skeleton Orc Warrior.png Orc Warrior
Orc.png Orc Ruin Ghost.png Ruin Ghost Shroot.png Shroot
Squid Zombie.png Squid Zombie Thief.png Thief Undead Musketeer.png Undead Musketeer
Zombie Knight.png Knight Zombie Buckethead Zombie.png Buckethead Zombie Headless Zombie.png Headless Zombie
Undead Warrior.png Undead Warrior Zootaloo.png Zootaloo File:Zootaloo Matriarch.png Zootaloo Matriarch
Bloodmoon Warrior.png Bloodmoon Warrior Dark Druid.png Dark Druid File:Dark Druid Minion.png Dark Druid Minion
Phantom.png Phantom Woodling.png Woodling File:Woodling Warrior.png Woodling Warrior
Alpha Wolf.png Alpha Wolf Beta Wolf.png Beta Wolf Omega Wolf.png Omega Wolf
Arch Demon.png Arch Demon Banshee.png Banshee Cave Golem.png Cave Golem
Bicholmere.png Bicholmere Corrupted Bicholmere.png Corrupted Bicholmere Crimson Bicholmere.png Crimson Bicholmere
File:Bone Fish.png Bone Fish Bone Flyer.png Bone Flyer File:Cloud Slime.png Cloud Slime
File:Core Bug.png Core Bug File:Core Slime.png Core Slime File:Coretaur.png Coretaur
Crimer.png Crimer File:Deepwater Vilefish.png Deepwater Vilefish Dungeon Keeper.png Dungeon Keeper
File:Flaming Reaper.png Flaming Reaper Geerd.png Geerd File:Gelateen.png Gelateen
Giant Crab.png Giant Crab

Hardmode Enemies[edit | edit source]

Heavy Zombie.png Heavy Zombie File:Night Walker.png Night Walker File:Grood.png Grood
Elite Bloodmoon Warrior.png Elite Bloodmoon Warrior File:Supreme Possessed Armor.png Supreme Possessed Armor File:Observer.png Observer
Blazer.png Blazer Devilish Tortoise.png Devilish Tortoise Dragon Skull.png Dragon Skull
Dinictis.png Dinictis Giant Crab.png Giant Crab File:Hallow Slimer.png Hallow Slimer
Jungle Mimic.png Jungle Mimic File:Desert Mimic.png Desert Mimic File:Agloomination.png Agloomination
File:Magium Keeper.png Magium Keeper White Hound.png White Hound Zarprute.png Zarprute
File:Bone Archer.png Bone Archer

Tremode Enemies[edit | edit source]

Ancient Cursed Skull.png Ancient Cursed Skull Astrofly.png Astrofly Avenger.png Avenger
Barmadillo.png Barmadillo Twilight Bat.png Twilight Bat Brute.png Brute
Colossal Tortoise.png Colossal Tortoise Comet Head.png Comet Head Creator of Nightmares.png Creator of Nightmares
Deimos.png Deimos Devourer of Planets.png Devourer of Planets Dranix.png Dranix
Dread Beetle.png Dread Beetle Enraged Bat.png Enraged Bat Evolved Zombie.png Evolved Zombie
Exuberant Hound.png Exuberant Hound Fallen Warrior.png Fallen Warrior Fat Flinx.png Fat Flinx
Fire Beetle.png Fire Beetle Frost Beetle.png Frost Beetle Galasquid.png Galasquid
Ghost Warrior.png Ghost Warrior Giant Gastropod.png Giant Gastropod Hallower.png Hallower
Hellhound.png Hellhound Ice Blazer.png Ice Blazer Lihzahrd Warrior.png Lihzahrd Warrior
Luminion.png Luminion Mechanical Firefly.png Mechanical Firefly Mighty Nimbus.png Mighty Nimbus
Night Terror.png Night Terror Phobos.png Phobos Possessed Hornet.png Possessed Hornet
Quartz Beetle.png Quartz Beetle Rich Slime.png Rich Slime Giant Slime.png Giant Slime
Screamer.png Screamer Shadow Ripper.png Shadow Ripper Sighted.png Sighted
Skullker.png Skullker Squoma.png Squoma Temple Slime.png Temple Slime
The Axeman.png The Axeman The Girl.png The Girl The Thing.png The Thing
Thin Man.png Thin Man