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Tremor Mod adds a few new crafting stations to facilitate the crafting of the newly added items. Most items are crafted at vanilla crafting stations, but the higher tier items require higher tier crafting stations to advance further into the game.


Station Description
 Altar of Enchantments Crafts a variety of specialized upgrade theme items.
 Great Anvil Used to crafts some heavy things items.
 Necromaniac Workbench Crafts a variety of specialized magic theme items.
 Devil Forge Used to crafts some hot things items.
 Flesh Workstation Used to crafts some zombie things items.
 Magic Workbench Used to craft some magicial items
Blast Furnace Used to craft alloys.


Station Description
 Alchemator Used to craft items from Paraxyde Shards


Station Description
Alchemy Station Allows you to create unusual potions and transformation

of different materials.

 Starvil Used to craft Star Bars, and many other Tremode items
 Divine Forge Crafts a variety of specialized tremode theme items.

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