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Tremor Mod adds a good amount of Armor for throughout a game progressively to add some stats to the game, some of the armor sets haven't a set bonus and some of them will have a set bonus for the endgame stuffs. It also adds shields that can be useful to the game.

Full Armor Sets[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Appearance Head Chest Legs Sum Bonuses / Effects / Notes Cost / Source / Crafted
Living Wood Armor
1 2 1 4
  • +16% minion damage
  • Set Bonus: + 1 max minions
Crafted from 75 of any wood at a Living Loom
Stone Armor
2 3 2 7
  • +12% melee damage
  • Set Bonus: Increased maximum defense by 2
Crafted from 165 stone at an anvil
Vine Armor
1 3 2 6
  • +15% ranged damage
  • Set Bonus: 15% increased movement speed
Crafted from 130 vine rope and 1 daybloom

at an anvil

Chain Armor
2 2 2 6
  • N/A
Chain Armor has a chance to drop from

killing thieves

Leather Armor
1 1 1 3
  • N/A
Leather Armor has a chance to drop from

killing thieves

Magical Armor
2 4 2 8
  • +10% Magic Damage
  • Set Bonus: +20 Maximum Mana
Crafted from 29 Silk and 12 Iron Bars at an


Coral Armor
2 3 2 7
  • Set Bonus: Allows the player to breathe underwater
  • Set Bonus: Allows the player to summon a starfish
Crafted from 30 Coral, 12 Starfish, and 4

Seashells at an anvil

Chemist Armor
2 3 2 7
  • +18% Alchemic Damage
  • Set Bonus: +10% Alchemic Crit Chance
Crafted from a full set of leather armour, a

full set of chain armour, and 1 Hazardous

Chemicals at a workbench

Marble Armor
2 6 2 10
  • +10% Throwing Damage
  • +10% Throwing Velocity
  • +10% Throwing Crit Chance
  • Set Bonus: +17% Melee Damage
Crafted from 160 Smooth Marble Block and

3 Stone of Life at an Anvil

Granite Armor
Frostbite Armor
1 3 1 5
  • Set Bonus: Grants immunity to frozen effect and to ice breaking
crafted from 180 ice blocks at an anvil
Wolf Armor
Steel Armor
Bronze Armor
  • 6% Increased melee, ranged and magic critical hit chance
  • Set Bonus: 8% Increased all damage
Invar Armor
Plague Armor
Plague Armor.png
Harpy Armor
Argite Armor
Nightingale Armor
Orcish Armor
Heaven Armor
6 7 5 18 Helmet: +12% Ranged crit chance

Chest Plate: +12% Ranged damage

Leggings: -15% Movement speed (doesn't affect dashing)

Set Bonus: Grants immunity to most debuffs

Individual pieces drop from bosses

Obtainable Pre-Hardmode

Fungus Armor
Flesh Armor
Crystal Armor
Luxorious Armor
Afterlife Armor
Nano Armor
Magmonium Armor
Sandstone Armor
Sandstone Armor.png
Chaos Armor
Brass Armor
Brass Armor Male.png
Berserker Armor
Eternal Ice Armor.png
Eternal Ice Armor

Shields[edit | edit source]

Shields Effect Crafting
Wooden Shields
Wooden Shields.png
+1 Defense. 15 Wood(any type) on a Crafting Table.
Copper Shield
Copper Shield.png
+2 Defense. 15 Copper Bars on an Anvil.
Tin Shield
Tin Shield.png
+2 Defense. 15 Tin Bars on an Anvil.
Iron Shield
Iron Shield.png
+3 Defense. 15 Iron Bars on an Anvil.
Lead Shield
Lead Shield.png
+3 Defense. 15 Lead Bars on an Anvil.
Silver Shield
Silver Shield.png
+3 Defense. 15 Silver Bars on an Anvil.
Tungsten Shield
Tungsten Shield.png
+3 Defense. 15 Tungsten Bars on an Anvil.
Gold Shield
Gold Shield.png
+4 Defense. 15 Gold Bars on an Anvil.
Platinum Shield
Platinum Shield.png
+4 Defense. 15 Platinum Bars on an Anvil.
Enchanted Shield
Enchanted Shield.png
+2 Defense, +40 Mana & 10% decreased Magic Damage. Cannot be crafted(sold by Sorcerer NPC)
Beetle Shield
Beetle Shield.png
+50 HP when equipped. 1 Leeching Seed 1 Turtle Shield 10 Beetle Husk on Tinkerers Workshop.
Turtle Shield
Turlte Shield.png
+9 Defense 20 Chlorophyte Bars and 2 Turtle Shells on an Orichalcum or a Mythril Anvil.
Frozen Turtle Shield
Frozen Turtle Shield.png
+9 Defense & 25% Damage Reduction when equipped. 1 Turtle Shield and 1 Frozen Turtle Shell on a Mythril or an Orichalcum Anvil.
Spiky Shield
Spiky Shield.png
+1 Defense & When touches an enemy in front of the player it will damage the enemy(5-7 Damage) Cannot be crafted(sold by Knight NPC if EoC)
Orcish Shield
Orcish Shield.png
+2 Defense Cannot be crafted(can be dropped by Orcs)